DNB Asset Management is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DNB ASA, the largest Norwegian banking group, which is 34% owned by the Norwegian state and has a total of nearly 10,000 employees.

With EUR 60 billion in assets under management, we are the third largest Nordic asset manager. Our head office is located in Oslo and we have approximately 145 employees, of which about 50 are dedicated to investment management.

Our fund range is focused on three main areas: Thematics, Nordics and Absolute return. Within these areas we offer funds investing in technology or environment; in Nordic equities and fixed income as well as long-short equity funds.

These funds are distributed in continental Europe through our Luxembourg subsidiary.


Taking into account environmental, social and governance issues have been part of our approach for 30 years, since the launch of our first environmental fund. To apprehend these aspects, we have a dedicated ESG team of 4 people who strive to constantly improve and develop the reflection and our processes. The ESG team’s tasks are standard setting, engagement, voting, and ESG integration, among other things.


Our fund DNB Renewable Energy is a global equity fund that invests in companies that contribute to improving the environment and climate by exposing them to sectors such as wind, solar, energy efficiency, biofuels, etc.

The fund is managed by two specialists in the sector: Jon Sigurdsen and Christian Rom, with a “positive screening” and stock picking approach.

With this fund, we hope to be able to contribute to the huge financing needs of the energy and ecological transition, thanks to the support of institutional and private investors.